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5- What is the job market like?
  • The Local Markets
  • Industry Sectors and Businesses
  • When choosing your career, it is interesting to know the job prospects and wages associated with a profession. But remember that a career option with few job opportunities does not necessarily mean that you have to reject it. Often, making a conscientious choice to prepare yourself to work contractually or seasonally can make a big difference in the way you cope with the realities of the profession you love.

    Top of pageThe Local Markets

    66- Canadian Relocation System

    Thinking of looking for work in another city? Use this guide to learn as much as possible about your new destination. Simply select the city that interests you from the pull-down menu on the home page. Read informative briefs and learn about businesses, schools, associations and services in the area.

    CIP: For income and work statistics, try the pull-down menu at: www.relocatecanada.com/incomestats.html. You'll get some basic information on the cities of your choice from Statistics Canada, which you can use to compare employment possibilities in various parts of the country.

    67- Labour Market Information — Service Canada

    Find out what's happening in local job markets across Canada. First select the province and then the area where you live. Get detailed information on occupations, wages, employment trends, industries, and labour market conditions. You can also access information on provincial labour markets.

    CIP: For many areas, you will find a list of potential employers by occupation or industry. A very useful tool for job seekers and individuals exploring different careers.

    68- Work Destinations — The Forum of Labour Market Ministers

    The Work Destinations site is designed for Canadian residents who want to practice their trade or profession in another province or territory. A great place to access information about the provincial requirements for certification in regulated occupations.

    Top of pageIndustry Sectors and Businesses

    69- Sector and Occupational Studies — Human Resources and Skills Development Canada

    HRDC sponsors a number of Human Resources Studies that investigate trends in different employment sectors. On this site, you will find Industry Profiles that are overviews of sectors of the Canadian economy. The profiles focus on human resources issues and look at how changes in the economy, research and development and technology affect an industry's labour force.

    Advice: For more information on human resources issues, click on the Human Resources Partnerships link or go to: www.hrsdc.gc.ca/en/gateways/topics/hzp-gxr.shtml.

    CIP: The reports were produced by sector councils and many have their own Web site where you can find more information and special programs such as internships. These links are listed at: www.councils.org. Click on "List of Councils".

    Job prospects are predictions that do not take into account unforeseen events. Wars, SARS, the collapse of the stock market, etc., are all good examples of unforeseen events that have greatly influenced job prospects in many industries. It shows why it is important not to base a career choice merely on prospects!