Work your biz idea


A brilliant business idea will not make you rich. So many aspiring entrepreneurs think an idea alone guarantees success, when, in fact, the idea is the least valuable part of the success formula.

You must believe that it’s not your idea that matters, but what you do with it. Success comes from 90% perspiration and 10% inspiration.

Take this advice to act on your idea:

– Share your idea. That’s right — tell the world about your business idea. Instead of keeping it secret, openly discuss your idea with everyone.

Sharing your idea allows people to help you find money, partners, suppliers, customers and connections.

– Build your Business Plan. Expand your idea into a workable business model by preparing a professional Business Plan.

Outline how you will make money, why customers will buy from you, identify your costs and describe your operations.

– Launch, then perfect. You’d be surprised how many big corporations launch flawed products and services.

You can’t afford to sit around for years perfecting your business idea and wondering if it will “work.” Get your imperfect idea to market and make improvements along the way.