Five good reasons to change careers

Tempted to switch? Check below to see if your reasons are serious enough to warrant a change.

If it’s Sunday afternoon and you’re already dreading Monday morning, you’ve got to act. For some, changing jobs isn’t the answer; you might need to consider a whole new career. Here are five telltale signs that major changes are in order.

1. You aren’t comfortable at work
If you aren’t happy with your duties, you might not be well suited for the job. Hate writing and formatting? Then there’s no point in switching from a secretarial position to an administrative one, since you’ll end up doing similar tasks. In situations like this, you’ve got to change carriers completely, explains Martine Lemonde, manager of professional services at Brisson Legris, a company that specializes in developing employee potential.

2. Your body can’t take it anymore
Suffering from stress or headaches at work? These symptoms could indicate that something about your job is seriously bothering you. Moreover, if you’ve been injured in an accident, you may find it difficult carrying out tasks that require strength or fine motor skills.

3. You want to get ahead
Ambitious people don’t let themselves fall into a comfortable routine at work, explains Jean Vézina, co-founder of Vézina Nadeau Career Transition. That’s why so many office workers leave to start their own businesses. Less stability, greater freedom!

4. You found your calling
“Some people are 35, 40 or even 50 when they realize what they really want to do,” says Cynthia Guay, manager at the Adecco employment agency in Montreal. This kind of change often involves going back to school or taking a pay cut, but people tend to find the sacrifices worthwhile.

5. You’re looking for balance
Is your job too demanding? Is it eating into your family time? You might need to re-evaluate your priorities. Instead of being a truck driver, you could work at a garage near your kids’ daycare.