Motivate your small biz team


Your new small business will forever change once you hire your first employee. Essential to business growth, employees should be assigned to run business systems you can no longer work yourself. However, many first-time employers are surprised to find their new staff doesn’t work as hard as they do.

Follow these tips to motivate your new employees:

– Give responsibility. People will usually rise up to any job challenge if they are given responsibility for successful results. No one wants to work under a “micro-manager” who can’t trust their employee to get the job done.

– Acknowledge them. There’s a reason so many businesses run employee of the month awards. People love to be publicly recognized for their performance. Acknowledgement for a job well done can be more rewarding to an employee than a cash bonus.

– Ask what motivates them. Don’t second guess your people — ask what will make them work harder or more efficiently. Hold a meeting where all ideas to motivate, reward and inspire can be put on the table.

– Involve them. Everyone loves to be part of a team. Involve your employees in your business decisions and challenges. They’ll feel like they’re part of your business mission and work to achieve your company goal.