Slogan creates identity


Creating an identity for your new small business is very exciting. Like naming a new baby, you’re going to want to invest considerable thought and time into the process.

Your identity combines three elements: the legal name of your company, a graphic (logo) and a descriptor.

Your business name should clearly express what you do. Avoid being clever, mysterious or ambiguous when choosing your words. “Smith Consulting” won’t tell your prospective customers very much about your enterprise.

Develop your one-line descriptor. Also known as a slogan or tag line, your descriptor will ideally include a benefit statement relevant to what you do. For years, the identity of BMW included their well-recognized round logo, the acronym “BMW” and their slogan, “The Ultimate Driving Experience.”

Add a visual to your words. Known as your logo, a good graphic will help communicate what you do and contribute to a memorable identity. Hire an experienced graphic designer to produce three different design drafts. Again, do your homework by soliciting feedback on your draft designs from business people or customers before selecting a final version.

Ironically, you may not end up with an identity that you personally like. Go with the one that resonates most with your potential customers.