Little touches make the sale


It’s not what you do in your small business that matters, but how you do it. Follow this simple belief to create a powerful factor that separates your new business from your competition.

Customers love the little touches; for example, a large hotel in a major Canadian city recently acquired a dog. Homesick hotel guests who are missing their pet back home may sign out the dog for walks.

It’s this type of small perk or experience that can make a world of difference to your customers. To help your new business focus more on “how” you do things for customers, consider these suggestions:

– Let them try you out. Automobile dealerships and stereo stores have boosted sales by simply letting customers take the product home for an extended trial period.

– Create customer experiences. Run how-to seminars or offer group activities to help your customers learn how to use your products. For example, stores selling jewelry and clothing beads on Queen St. West in downtown Toronto, offer on-site “beading classes.”

– Show you care. Too many business owners focus on the next customer instead of looking after their current one. Be different by simply following up with customers who have purchased from your business to answer their questions, explain product features or to express your gratitude.