Peer support key to success


Running your own small business can be tough slugging. Every day, entrepreneurs struggle with multiple challenges, plenty of deadlines and lots of uncertainty. It can also be lonely, especially for “Homepreneurs.”

You’ll find running a small business is easier if you get out there to connect with other entrepreneurs. Meeting with other people who are “in the same boat,” is an excellent way to get advice, learn new things, establish new working relationships and lift your spirits.

To create your own peer support:

– Find a “Business Buddy.” Keep your eyes and ears open for a fellow entrepreneur who can become your business buddy — a person you can call, e-mail and meet with regularly. Together, you might share and solve business challenges, talk about new ideas, complain about clients or just keep each other motivated.

– Join a group. There are thousands of business groups, associations and organizations in Canada, from the Chamber of Commerce and Business Networking International, to Toastmasters. Membership in such groups will advance your business skills, help you to connect with other entrepreneurs and get you out of your office.

– Attend networking events. You’ll draw inspiration from others by attending networking events. You may also build some new business relationships. Ask other business owners which events they enjoy, and try one out.