What question should a candidate never ask during a job interview?

During a job interview, asking the interviewer questions is your opportunity to find out more about the position and also to demonstrate your interest in the job. That being said, asking the wrong questions can actually hurt your chances of landing the job! Below, three recruiters explain which questions they never want to hear from a candidate during an interview.

Don’t Be Pretentious

“I find it pretentious when a candidate asks me ‘When do I start?’. To me, this rings false – as if the person saying it is trying to come across like they have the capacity for the position. I much prefer people who conduct themselves in an authentic and sincere fashion.”

Maryse Plante, senior human resources counselor, Engineering and Technical, Adecco Sherbrooke

Not Only a Question of Money

“Questions related to the company, such as the culture, the management style of a supervisor and the tasks that are part of the job are always welcome. However, some candidates begin with pay-related questions and seem more interested in all benefits associated with the position.

“Of course, the salary remains a decisive factor in the search for employment, but this can be perceived badly by a recruiter if these questions seem to outweigh the candidate’s real interest in the position.”

Valérie Royle, manager of business marketing and communications, Bray, Larouche and Associates

Be Careful with Questions about Working Conditions

“I always appreciate it when candidates ask questions during a job interview. For me, this indicates that they have a real interest in the position, are curious about the details of the job and are serious about their application. That being said, I think it’s important to limit the questions about working conditions that are asked of the recruiter, for example details about vacations, the frequency of pay raises, and bonuses.

While these questions are all important, I find it preferable to discuss these aspects in the second or third interview. The first questions that a candidate should be asking should focus on the nature of the job itself, i.e. the challenges that it will involve, the expectations of the employer and other high-level questions.”

Valérie Randone, team leader and recruitment councilor, North America, Drake International

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