Good Manners in the elevator

For some, the elevator is a claustrophobic space to be uncomfortably shared with strangers. For others, it is a setting for torrid fantasies (thanks a lot, Fatal Attraction).

But for many workers, the elevator is simply the place where they spend the last few minutes before entering work.

Here are a few observations and bits of advice to minimize the irritation of the elevator experience.

  • To hold or not to hold (the elevator door)? It all depends on distance. Holding the elevator door for someone who is just a few steps away is cool. But holding it for the person who is at the other end of the hallway, and who must sprint 150 meters while clutching a stack of papers, is less advisable.
  • It’s well known that walls have ears, and elevator walls are no exception. Better to avoid having a delicate or dubious conversation in an elevator than it is to find your discussion published on a “Heard in an Elevator”-themed website (such as the ICI L’ascenseur twitter account).

Of course, it’s always when we’re running late that we encounter a series of yokels in an elevator, each of whom only wants to go up one floor. This can often spur us to push the button for our desired floor repeatedly, even when we know it accomplishes nothing. So once again: pressing the button of your floor more than once achieves nothing. Try to avoid doing this as it prevents your fellow passengers from focusing on the deep thoughts they are having.

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