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Every month, Jobboom profiles an employer that is a leader in their industry to shed some light on the business cultures, staffing needs and recruitment methods of top organizations. This month we look at Omniplast.

Founded in 1935, Omniplast specializes in the manufacture of packing bags for businesses operating in the retail, commercial and industrial sectors. Today, Omniplast counts more than sixty employees and has expanded their activities to include a focus on high-resolution colour printing.

To support this initiative, the company has made several new investments and is working to obtain a certification in full HD printing in the near future. With this goal in mind, Omniplast is continually looking for new employees who want an opportunity to grow with the company and join the ranks of Quebec’s elite printers.

Jobboom spoke with Omniplast president Marc Robitaille.

JOBBOOM What are the main kinds of employment available with Omniplast? 

Marc Robitaille Because we are both a printer and a manufacturer of bags, there are several opportunities available in the areas of pre-press (including graphic designers), plastic molding, printing (including printer’s assistant, technician, master technician and supervisor) and finishing (bag machine operator).

We also maintain positions that are typical to a company of our size, including administration, sales, bookkeeping, customer service, and positions in our warehouse. Currently we are expanding and anticipate growth of around 8 percent per year in the coming years, which ensures that there will be many opportunities for our employees to grow with the company. It’s the perfect time for new people to join our winning team.

JOBBOOM In terms of recruitment, what positions are the most difficult to fill?

M.R. Among the more difficult positions to fill are for printers and printing technicians. We currently have two openings available that have been advertised for over a year; because it’s a specialized field, finding qualified candidates is a challenge. For any of our open positions, we want to hire people who are looking to become part of our team for a long time.

JOBBOOM What are the major values that drive Omniplast?

M.R. We always strive to put human values first. We are essentially a family company and maintain close relationships with our employees, and we put emphasis on providing them with training and opportunities that will allow them to advance in the company. Ultimately we want to train our employees in a way that will encourage them to evolve and grow, and this is why we prioritize hiring from within over seeking external candidates. The possibility for long-term advancement is what makes our company strong, and this ethic of investment in people is at the foundation of Omniplast. As well, we’ve proudly offered pay equity from the very first days of the company, and we take that concept even further by offering opportunity equity.

JOBBOOM What are the essential qualities you look for in your employees?

M.R. As a company, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our performance, and innovation is the key to achieving this. A spirit of innovation originates with employees who are self-starters, curious and creative, and who are acutely aware of their own individual performance. At Omniplast we have regular meetings to talk about how we can improve our production processes, and all of our employees participate. Our emphasis on teamwork demands that each employee participate and perform to the maximum of their ability.

JOBBOOM What are Omniplast’s qualities as an employer? What distinguishes your company?

M.R. There isn’t a lot of hierarchy at Omniplast. Working as a team is fundamental and our managers want to be available to serve the needs of the team, as opposed to directing the team. Beyond this, another attractive feature of our company for people in this industry is that we are a mid-sized company based on the South Shore of Montreal. Since many of our employees have a short commute to work, it makes their day easier. We also have a deep-rooted policy of inclusion and employ people of all religions and ethnicities.

JOBBOOM What does Omniplast offer to attract and retain talent?

M.R. We have a policy to accommodate employees that want to pursue training and education to improve their skills. In the past, we operated a program that provided weekend courses to employees who didn’t have a high school diploma, which allowed them to get their equivalency.

JOBBOOM What motivates your employees?

M.R. I would say, simply, success. Being a part of a team, producing high-quality products that few people can – this creates a sense of pride among our employees. For example, before, we were only able to print in a single-colour capacity; now we print eight-colours in high resolution, which is a big achievement for us.

JOBBOOM What kinds of career paths are available with Omniplast and how do you encourage the career development of your employees?

M.R. We encourage the growth of our employees within the company by ensuring that every individual has the opportunity to climb the ladder, which can include paying for training for employees who want to improve their skills. This can even include training or education outside of the sector where they currently work. For example, someone may be hired as a printer’s assistant or technician but eventually decide to work towards becoming a sales representative. If the person has the basic qualifications for the position and we believe they would be successful in the role, we fully support their transition.

JOBBOOM How would you describe the working atmosphere at Omniplast?

M.R. The ambiance at Omniplast is dynamic, diverse and vibrant, thanks to the different age groups of our employees. Our newer employees are relatively young, often in their twenties, while employees with seniority are typically more than 50 years old.

Also, while only our factory is unionized, we take a reasoned approach to all of our relations with employees. We work together as a team and not according to the traditional model of owner-versus-labour. We are all on the same team, we’re colleagues, and when it’s time to renegotiate agreements we take a reasoned approach to ensure that everyone is satisfied.

We also organize special events through our social club, which includes outings and 5 a 7’s. We hold two events to mark the beginning of the holidays, one in the summer and one for Christmas. All things considered, we offer a very comfortable and pleasant working environment for our employees.

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