Meet an Employer: Creaform


Every month, Jobboom profiles an employer that is a leader in their industry to shed some light on the business cultures, staffing needs and recruitment methods of top organizations. This month we look at Creaform.

Creaform designs, manufactures and markets portable 3D scanning technology products and also provides specialized engineering services. The company delivers innovative solutions in the fields of 3D digital imaging, reverse engineering, quality control, non-destructive testing, product development and digital simulation (FEA/CFD).

Creaform’s solutions meet the needs of a wide range of industry sectors, particularly in the automotive, aerospace, consumer products, heavy industry, healthcare, oil and gas, manufacturing and energy production industries, as well as in the fields of research and education.


Jobboom spoke with Marie-Pierre Dubé, human resources recruiter for Creaform.

JOBBM   What are the main types of employment available at Creaform?
Marie-Pierre Dubé: Since we operate in a specialized sector, most of our positions relate to mechanical and electrical engineering, automation technology and IT. As well, many employees in our Research and Development department are educated in computer engineering or optics/photonics.

Because we design and manufacture products in-house, we have a production department where employees handle management of facilities and logistics, assembly and purchasing. We also have departments dedicated to sales and administration.

In addition to facilities in Quebec, Creaform has 11 offices around the world where employees mostly handle sales and technical support operations. With the exception of our office in Grenoble, most of our R&D and production activities happen at our headquarters in Lévis, while engineering work is done at our offices in Laval, Montreal and Sainte-Claire.

  In terms of recruitment, what positions are the most difficult to fill?
M-P.D.: We are always looking for technicians and mechanical engineers in our engineering department. Filling technical positions is our biggest challenge. I’d like to note that Creaform is very much in hiring mode and our teams are growing quickly: we’ve created 50 new jobs in the past 15 months, growing our human resource pool by 42%.To help meet our needs, we participate in job fairs and recruit from school campuses to meet the best candidates.

  What are the primary values of Creaform?
M-P.D.: The three values that drive us and distinguish us from the competition are innovation, passion and determination.

Without a doubt, the most important of the three is innovation, because that is ultimately what we do at Creaform. We at Creaform are pioneers in our field – we go where no one has yet dared to venture. Our bold approach to developing new products and technologies has resulted in projects that were previously unimaginable. We’ve redefined the boundaries of the 3D universe by incessantly pushing the envelope of the technology.

When it comes to passion, we have an inner fire, a drive that tells us that nothing is impossible. We leverage all of our resources at Creaform to ensure that the projects we imagine can become a reality, proudly charting our destiny as we move forward.

Finally, the company possesses an unshakeable dedication to excellence, which is demonstrated in the success that we’ve achieved since founding of Creaform in 2002. The path of technological innovation is one that is strewn with roadblocks. Creaform chose this difficult path and we continue to succeed through perseverance, ambition and confidence that we can and will overcome any challenge.

 What are some essential qualities you look for in your employees?
M-P.D.: In our engineers, we look for people with a high degree of flexibility. It’s a mandatory quality because we take on diverse projects according to the needs of our clients, and our employees need to be adaptable to the varied requirements of the projects. We look for employees who are open minded and free-spirited, who don’t want to do the same task day in, day out, and who first and foremost are solution-oriented problem solvers.

  What distinguishes Creaform from other employers?
M-P.D.: Our company has carved out a strong reputation in the industry primarily through our rapid growth over the past 15 years. Creaform started with three founders; now we employ 450 people. It’s been a sustained rate of growth since 2002 and as a result we are continually hiring new people. Our goal is to double Creaform’s sales in the near future. We estimate that we will need an additional 150 employees over the next 5 years.

  What does Creaform do to attract and retain talent?
M-P.D.: The management’s confidence in employees and Creaform’s culture of transparency are elements that are appreciated by all of our employees. Flexible schedules and a relaxed working atmosphere are big contributors to our energized, dynamic environment. Creaform also emphasizes the importance of family by offering variable working schedules to employees, to help promote a true work/life balance.

There are other benefits that come with working at Creaform: our employees in Lévis have access to an office gym, and our new building will offer improved facilities as well, including CrossFit equipment. Creaform president Martin Lamontagne is a sports enthusiast and encourages employees to participate in sports whenever possible, and there are company soccer, hockey and running teams.

 What, in your opinion, motivates Creaform employees?
M-P.D.: Continuous innovation is, without a doubt, a major motivator for our employees, who can see their projects advance over time. It should be said that our R&D department often works 4 years ahead of the rest of the company, before all other departments enter the development process. By the end of a project, all employees are involved in the launch of the final product and this rallies everyone together. The pride and sense of belonging that accompanies these achievements is absolutely a source of motivation. Our employees are also proud to work with our clients, which are major players in their respective industries.

 What kinds of advancement possibilities are available with Creaform, and how does the company encourage the career development of employees?
M-P.D.: Many of our employees have transitioned from one division to another simply to take on new challenges, and this kind of transformation is encouraged at Creaform. There are also policies to provide training, ongoing skills development and educational conferences that are offered. Creaform is very focused on the skills of our employees.

  How would you describe the working atmosphere at Creaform?
M-P.D.: It’s a dynamic and energetic atmosphere, much of which can be attributed to our team who are very talented and relatively young. There’s also a diversity of culture that really enriches the working environment at our headquarters. Whether through the many sporting activities we offer, our active social club or the three employee gatherings we hold every year, Creaform provides the most welcoming atmosphere possible for our employees.

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