Testing your emotions

Tests will be on the mind of thousands of students and parents every year, but they should also be considered for those looking for jobs.

Whether out of work, looking for a career change or simply to check you’re doing what you’re most capable of, Dr. Ilona Jerabek, president of PsychTests AIM Inc. says taking a career aptitude or job fit test is a good way to start your search.

“We are seeing more mature adults taking these tests, before it was mostly students and teenagers who are searching for their dream jobs or just line up what direction they want to go,” says Dr. Jerabek.

“Nowadays, with the recession and economic circumstances, we’re seeing more older people who are looking to re-train and change careers.”

There are more than 100 different assessments and tests available on PsychTests.com, but one of the more popular tests is the emotional intelligence test.

“This is becoming more and more important for people because it has a pretty serious impact on a person’s life in general,” Dr. Jerabek explains.

“People high in emotional intelligence will perform better and will get a long with others well. It’s extremely important in management positions, so there is a lot of interest in that specific test.”

The tests take you through a series of questions and scenarios and anyone is welcome to take them for free. At the end you’re given a snapshot report and for certain tests, a list of jobs that suit you will be provided.

A more detailed report and analysis are also available for a fee.