Don’t let the wait-and-see game get you down

One of the most common messages I receive from job seekers is their frustration of not getting a call back. The reality is that companies are truly pleased to receive interest but, unfortunately, not all employers have the manpower to offer individual responses to all candidates.

That being said is there anything you can do besides play the wait-and-see game?

After submitting a resumé for a job vacancy, it is wise to follow up with a telephone call to the appropriate contact within a week to 10 days.

You might feel that following up may be perceived as being desperate, but this actually demonstrates to the employer that you are interested and professional.

When following up, ask if your resumé was received and if any additional information is needed. Make sure to restate your interest in the job, but don’t show desperation.

If you can find a contact at the company who can single you out to the hiring manager this can be very beneficial to you and to the company.

But even if you’re able to generate the employer’s interest, your days of waiting may not be over. In reality, an interview may simply usher in a new era of frustrating silence.

If you have gone through the interview and not heard back within two weeks, chances are that one or more of the following is happening: the employer is interviewing a few candidates and looking for the best fit; they can’t get the interviewers together to discuss the interviews; you may not be the first choice but strong enough that the employer does not want to say no yet; you may not be the successful candidate.

The best thing you can do is try to understand the company’s process. Ask when you can expect to hear if you are selected for the next round and politely follow up during that time. Stay positive by remembering that the day may come when you get a call back with a job offer.

— Moshin Manji is a business partner at HRinmotion. Visit