Optimize your employer brand

Flower standing out

If you want to attract the best candidates, they have to feel that your organization is the best place for them. This is why it’s important to promote your company’s strengths and develop your “employer brand”.

To do this, you must definitively show candidates why you are a desirable employer and what distinguishes you from other organizations in terms of your company’s values, strengths, positioning in the industry and overall vision.

Your values

Take some time to reflect on your organization’s values. Does your company focus on teamwork and collaboration? Work to protect the environment? Put a premium on creativity and initiative? Encourage social interaction between your employees? Candidates tend to seek out employers with whom they share mutual values; to truly reach them, it is important that they identify with your organization.

Your strengths

Ask yourself: What makes my employees happy to work here? Do you organize weekly lunches with your team? Do you offer a four-day workweek, or the possibility of working from home? Do you have a recognition program in place that allows employees to point out the successes of their colleagues? Does your cafeteria have a pool table and a plasma TV? These elements most likely contribute to your ability to retain top talent.

Your positioning and vision

Is your company a leader in your industry? Are you a young company, but growing quickly? Has your organization received prestigious awards? Evaluate the position of your company within your market, your perspective on the future and your projects in the short-to-mid term.

This information will help bolster your credibility and pique the interest of your potential candidates, as they will be able to see the dynamic nature of your organization. A candidate will be more inclined to invest themselves in a company that has a clear vision and has already achieved success in the past.

How to make your brand stand out

To make sure that your employer brand resonates with candidates, verify that the job offers you post reflect the values, strengths and vision that you have identified for your organization.

Pay particular attention to the description of your company. After all, your job posting can be likened to a CV: it provides the information from which the candidate will develop an impression of you as an employer. If a candidate isn’t impressed, they will quickly move on to the next possibility.

Of course, you should never exaggerate (or worse, lie) when describing your organization. Misrepresentation will only harm your reputation and image in the long term – new employees will become aware that they’ve been duped soon after starting work, and will most likely leave as soon as possible. With this in mind, be truthful and transparent about what goes on at your company.

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