How to write an effective job description

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When posting a job offer on Jobboom, keep in mind that the job description will be the most important element of the post. Accordingly, job descriptions should be clearly written, precisely worded and designed to attract the candidates that meet your desired profile.

Write clearly and concisely

First and foremost, make sure that the information about the position is presented clearly. A good way to approach a job description is to write several paragraphs about the position in detail, and then group higher level information (such as job-related tasks and required skills) together as bullet points. Ideally, the most important elements of the job offer should be visible at a glance.

To ensure clarity, fill out all of the information fields about your job offer when posting (including position start date, salary, responsibilities and required skills). You can then be assured that your posting will be presented to candidates in an attractive, effective manner.

Write a precise description

Be as precise as possible when describing the position and the tasks involved. Summarize the job in a few short phrases and then identify four or five specific tasks that make up the core of the position.

Wherever possible, emphasize tasks that are specific to the job, to your company and to your industry, instead of using vague terms such as “…and other related duties.” Ensure that the description of each task is simple, clear and concise.

Catch candidates’ attention

Remember that the goal of your job offer is to “sell” the position to an eventual candidate. With this in mind, the description of the position needs to be dynamic and to stand out from the page in a way that makes potential candidates want to be a part of your organization.

Include details about the objectives of the job, not just the tasks that are required. The candidate should feel that the position will provide them with stimulating challenges and interesting responsibilities.

Take the opportunity to speak about the value of your organization as an employer, and highlight the advantages that current employees enjoy – company culture, benefits, workplace environment and location are all useful to mention in a job description. The more positively you present the job opportunity and your organization, the more likely you are to receive responses from desirable candidates.

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