Apply With One Click!

Applying for jobs on Jobboom is now even easier with our one-click application feature!

How it works

When you find a job posting on Jobboom that interests you, simply click the “Apply” button and select “Upload my CV”. You will be prompted to select the file to upload from your computer. After selecting the file, enter your full name and address and indicate if you are legally eligible to work in Canada. That’s it – you’ve applied for the job!

You also have the option to add a personalized message to your application, which is ideal for including a cover letter for the recruiter. Simply click the “+” button and a text box will open, allowing you to copy-paste your message or to write something in less than 3000 words.

After your application has been validated, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a description of the job you applied for, for future reference.

Taking it to the Next Level

To ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities, we recommend that you create a Candidate account.

Your Jobboom Candidate account allows you to:

  • Define your ideal job and be automatically notified about new job postings that match the criteria you select. The “My Ideal Job” feature allows you to indicate the job titles that you’re interested in, as well as the industry sector, region, distance and type of job.
  • Create alerts to receive email notifications about job postings that match your criteria, on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Save your CV to keep it accessible at any time by logging in to your Candidate account.
  • Let employers know that you are actively searching for a job and request they contact you if they have an open position that matches your profile. Employers will also have access to the job titles you’re interested in, as well as the industry sector, region, distance and type of job. Simply activate the visibility of your CV.
  • Subscribe to the Jobboom newsletter to receive useful advice about preparing for interviews and succeeding in your job search.

To see all of the current job openings posted by our partners, visit Jobboom by clicking here.

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