Top 5 Student Jobs


Working your way through school? That doesn’t mean you’ve got to file away your creativity and interests. Here are five hot summer jobs for students from Louis Durand, manager of the Internship Department at Emploi-Québec and Joubert Simon, a customer service agent at Youth Café, an information centre on Government of Canada programs.

Video game tester
“This is the kind of job that a lot of young people would like,” says Mr. Durand. “It combines work and play.” But this job isn’t just fun and games, it also calls for an analytical mind. You’ve got to know a thing or two about computer science, and multimedia studies are a definite asset.

Website Designer
“Some small or medium-sized companies look for young people to create websites,” says Mr. Simon. You don’t need a degree in computer graphics for this job either. You just have to like computer science, be familiar with the appropriate software and have a creative spirit!

Set builder
Interested in the world of T.V? “Television studios sometimes hire young people to build sets for soap operas,” says Mr. Durand. And again, you don’t need a degree to get hired. Mr. Durand assures that as long as you’re good with your hands, you’ll have no problem assembling or painting sets.

“Students with a good imagination and strong leaderships skills can start their own business,” says Mr. Durand. Housekeeping and landscaping are just two of many great business ideas. Some painting companies even offer students the option of buying a franchise.

Marketing agentAre you enthusiastic and outgoing? If so, you could get a job a as a marketing agent at an advertising company, says Mr. Simon. This work involves promoting different products by distributing items or flyers in public places or at festivals.