The 10 most in-demand jobs of 2015

The 10 most in-demand jobs of 2015

What were the most in-demand jobs in 2015? Jobboom analysed the thousands of job offers published on our website over the last year to better understand the needs of Quebec employers and identify some of the current trends in the job market.

Here are the 10 most in-demand occupations that require a postsecondary education in 2015. You can click the link to view job offers in that category!

  1. 1. Accountant
  2. 2. Industrial / Electrical Mechanic
  3. 3. Administrative Technician
  4. 4. Technical Representative
  5. 5. Accounting Technician
  6. 6. Office Assistant
  7. 7. Mechanical Engineer
  8. 8. Mechanical Engineering Technician
  9. 9. Executive Secretary
  10. 10. Welder Operator

Will these trends continue into 2016? The available data indicate that they will: according to Emploi-Québec, the demand outlook for each of these jobs will remain either favorable or acceptable in the coming year.

Jobs requiring no particular qualification

Even though jobs that require professional certification, a technical diploma or a university degree are significant in number, employers must also fill a lot of positions that don’t require any specific qualification.

Here are the 5 most in-demand jobs of 2015 that don’t require applicants to have a diploma or degree:

  1. 1. Sales Representative
  2. 2. Customer Service Agent
  3. 3. Accounting Clerk
  4. 4. Warehouse Clerk
  5. 5. General Labourer (Production)

Demand for these types of workers is consistently high, year after year. However, many of these positions have a high turnover rate, partly because they often require employees to adapt to variable schedules or work on a part-time basis.