Stay motivated


Because job security is a past reality, it’s crucial to not only have a plan but a back up plan as well.

And although you may not ever have to access your plan B, having it is still essential. It’s knowing you have options that allow you to feel comfortable standing up for yourself, taking risks, or being your authentic self.

Plan B isn’t there to necessarily fall in love with. Our plan Bs can help us stay motivated, as often our back-up plans aren’t as desirable as our current situation.

For example, I work for myself, something I absolutely love, but if at some point I can’t make it on my own, I know I have the option of going back to work for someone else. It’s a less attractive option, but for me it’s more desirable than struggling to make ends meet.

Your plan B doesn’t have to be written down or formalized — it can merely be conceptualized — even an awareness of other options can suffice.

Developing a Plan B can be as simple as asking yourself:

· What could I do if I lost my job?

· What skills and abilities do I have that are marketable?

· What else would I like to be or do in this lifetime?

· What kind of support system do I have?

· What financial back-up and security do I have?

· What are my successes and accomplishments?

Both Cork and Hoffman noted that very few of their clients had a plan, let alone a plan B, which almost none had.

A plan is not only important to know what you want to be today, it’s important to know what you want to be if today doesn’t work out.