Sell benefits to customers


People need to understand two things about your new small business: What you do and why they should buy from you. Too many entrepreneurs focus on describing their business products or services, when they should focus on the benefits.

To help more people to buy from your company, follow these three steps:

– List five reasons why people should buy from you. Those reasons may include lowest price, highest quality, ease of purchase, delivery speed or time savings. List more reasons if you can.

– Next, attach a clear benefit to each of those reasons. Identify the emotional or logical appeal of buying from you. For example, one of the reasons you might hire an accountant is to “keep your financial records in order,” but the end benefit the accountant offers is “paying less tax.”

– Communicate those benefits in your marketing and sales materials. Every ad appearing in magazines or newspapers, or running on radio or television simply communicates the benefits of purchase, appealing to either our emotional or logical side. A mattress retailer sells “a good night’s sleep,” while Volvo sells “safety,” and Banks market low-interest mortgages to “save you money.”

It’s always important to understand which benefit your competition plays up, so you can focus on something different. Be sure to study the marketing materials of your top three competitors.