Recruitment Tip: Receiving Applications by Email

The Jobboom Employer account makes it easy for you to receive a notification every time an applicant sends a CV in response to one of your job postings. To activate this feature, simply follow the steps below. Your recruiting process will be that much easier!

By default, Jobboom won’t send you an email when a candidate applies for a job opportunity that you have posted. If you do want to receive notifications, however, it can be set up with just a few clicks.

Email notifications allow you to track how many applications you are receiving in response to a job offer in real time. Email notifications are especially useful if you want to share the CV of a particular candidate with your colleagues during the recruitment process.

Here’s how to set up your notifications:

1. Log in to your Employer account by clicking on Log In at the top of the Jobboom homepage and selecting the Log In as Employer option.

2. Navigate to the Contact Information page from the Manage Account menu on the left side of the page.

3. In the Communicating with Candidates (recruitment) section, check the box that says “Yes, I want to be notified by email each time a candidate applies to one of my postings.

That’s it! You’ll now receive an email whenever someone applies to one of your job postings on Jobboom. The email will contain a candidate’s cover letter, along with their CV as an attachment.

Keep in mind that if you are expecting a lot of applications or have several different offers currently posted on Jobboom, your inbox might fill up very quickly.

You can also manage your job postings on Jobboom directly from your employer dashboard. Our recruitment solution is designed to make evaluating, selecting and following up with candidates easy and intuitive.