Receptionists hold power


When you check in with the receptionist before an interview, remember to smile because the person behind the front desk holds more power than you think.

“Some companies feel a lot can be learned from how candidates treat receptionists, particularly if they’re rude, condescending or arrogant,” said Greg Gostanian, managing partner at ClearRock, an outplacement firm.

Gostanian offers the following tips.

Be friendly, but formal: Take the time to learn the receptionist’s name, which always leaves a positive impression.
Don’t treat the receptionist as an underling.

Watch your mouth: Expect everything you say to the receptionist to get back to the interviewer.

Avoid talking on your cellphone.

Make sure to thank and say goodbye to the receptionist after the interview.

Are you what you wear?

Whether you prefer khakis and a sweater vest or a pinstriped suit, your office threads speak volumes about your personality, according to a survey by, an online recruiting resource.

More traditionally dressed employees are perceived as more senior level, 70% of surveyed executives said, while 60% said that they’re taken more seriously.

But buttoned-up employees are considered less creative and less fun than their casually dressed counterparts, and 16% said that suit-and-tie employees come across as rigid. The top fashion faux pas, according to the survey, included too revealing clothing, flip-flops, jeans and sleeveless shirts.

Happiness vs. Money

A recent survey by Men’s Journal found many workers would take less money if their jobs satisfied them more.

The poll showed 55% of readers would take a pay cut and 6% would take as much as 20% less for job fulfillment.

However, 57% said that making $100,000 US a year would make their job worth the frustration. Six per cent said no amount of money compensates for job woes.

Nearly two out of five readers would dedicate their lives to more adventure if they had a chance to do it again, whereas 2% would party more.

The magazine recently polled 1,000 readers.