Proving that you’re the best

To sell yourself at an interview, you need to arm yourself with some persuasive arguments. Here are some helpful hints for putting together some really convincing answers.

More often than not, interviewers throw in that dreaded question, “Why should we hire you?” And though you may be tempted to answer, “Because I am the best and you won’t regret hiring me,” this may not do the trick. While it’s true that this kind of answer shows you’re self-assured, it’s not usually enough to convince recruiters. Just because you say you’re good, why should they take your word for it?

Here are a few simple principles for creating a sound argument in your favour and improving your powers of persuasion.

1. Think facts, not opinions
Unlike opinions, factual information is precise, objective and verifiable. This means that instead of saying you’re a fine salesperson, you’re better off telling the employer that you contributed to a 15% increase in company sales last year.

2. Be precise and concise
Recruiters are interested in your accomplishments. Did you help organize a congress? Talk about your role in the project, focussing on the aspects that are relevant to the job you are applying for. What were your tasks? What results did you get? If it weren’t for you, what would have been different?

3. Back up your statements
Your diplomas and professional accreditations say a lot about you. They carry a lot of weight because they prove that your skills have been formally recognized. So, if you’ve received any prizes, positive performance evaluations or praise from former clients, bosses or colleagues, now is the time to mention them!

4. Keep your story straight
Contradict yourself and kiss your credibility goodbye. If you claim to be a great listener, make sure you pay careful attention to what the recruiters ask during the interview. Or, if having a creative mind is your claim to fame, make a point of providing examples of inventive solutions you came up with in the past.

5. Find the line between confidence and arrogance
Basically, just be sincere. This will allow you to talk about your strengths and weaknesses without false modesty. Not matter where you are, in an interview or not, honesty truly is the best policy for inspiring confidence in others.