Meet an Employer: Topring


Every month, Jobboom profiles an employer that is a leader in their industry to shed some light on the business cultures, staffing needs and recruitment methods of top organizations. This month we look at Topring.

Topring is an industry-leading supplier of compressed air systems and pneumatic accessories. Founded in 1979, the company is based in Granby, Quebec and employs a full-time staff of 50 people. Topring products meet the needs of industrial, construction and automotive markets, and are distributed across Canada.

We sat down with Frédéric Théroux, Director General of Topring.

JOBBOOM What are the main types of employment that are available with Topring?
Frédéric Théroux Primarily, we recruit people to work in sales. We have many positions for external sales representatives, as well as for internal sales reps to provide technical and commercial services to our clients.

We also have positions for buyers and technical support staff, as well as positions in marketing, since how a product is rolled out to market is a crucial aspect of our overall sales strategy.
We also have an administrative staff that includes specialists in accounting, human resources and other areas, and a small production team.

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JOBBOOM In general, what positions are the most difficult to fill?
F.T. Our positions in purchasing are different from what you would normally find in a Quebec-based company. Our people manage a decentralized production model, handle subcontractor relationships and ensure that supply chain is operating smoothly. Few people possess the combined skill sets needed for this job, so it can sometimes be difficult to find candidates that have relevant experience. We are looking for people who have product development skills, project management skills and a lot of initiative.

External sales positions are equally difficult to fill, because they demand strong technical knowledge as well as the ability to sell. We offer more than 7000 products, and each one must be known and understood by our sales reps. On top of this, our salespeople must be good at discerning a client’s needs and then convincing them that we can provide the best solution to their problem.

JOBBOOM What is the main quality that you look for in an employee?
F.T. I would say that a focus on excellence is key. All of our employees have this in common: at the end of the day, they leave the office with a sense of accomplishment – that they did something important as part of a team. We are looking for engaged, passionate people who want to help us achieve excellence and who are problem solvers at heart.


JOBBOOM What are Topring’s strongest qualities as an employer?
F.T. Providing a pleasant working environment is very important for us. This is demonstrated by the familial atmosphere and team spirit that defines our workplace: everyone works together in an open-concept office where hierarchy is minimized. Decisions are made onsite and the company is open to ideas and suggestions made by our employees; we’re not afraid of change.

JOBBOOM What are the biggest factors that attract candidates to your company?
F.T. When we talk about a pleasant working environment, this also includes the work area itself. A year ago, we unveiled a brand new building that incorporates cutting-edge technology and has large windows overlooking a wooded area. Some of our employees even arranged a small garden outside; it’s really a beautiful environment.

As well, the fact that we are located in Granby is attractive for many people. The quality of life here is great and there’s hardly any traffic, which reduces stress for everyone!

JOBBOOM What kind of career advancement opportunities are possible with Topring?
F.T. The workplace culture is fundamental to us, and as a result we place a lot of emphasis on internal upward mobility. Our employees perpetuate this culture by growing with the company – the proof is that many of our employees have spent more than 10 years with us, and some have even been with us for 20!

Because we are a growing company, we are constantly creating new positions that need to be filled, in conjunction with new projects. This opens up a lot of opportunities for our existing employees who are interested in pursuing a long-term career with us.

Even individuals who aren’t interested in taking a different job within the company have professional development opportunities open to them, through special projects or by advancing their particular skill set, for example.


JOBBOOM How do you support the development of your employees?
F.T. Topring invests heavily in employee training. We go far beyond the standard 1% law!

Topring employees have a number of opportunities available to them to develop their skills, according to our strategic development goals and the specific needs of each employee. For an employee, it may involve English language lessons or IT training, or deeper training in business management or personnel management for our new directors. We also offer mentorship programs for new employees, to help them integrate smoothly into their new positions.

JOBBOOM What does the future hold for Topring?
F.T. We are currently in a growth phase, and as a result are looking for talented people who would like to contribute to our continued success.

Our employees are at the core of our success as a company, and to do even better we need to attract people who bring high-quality skills and knowledge to the table. It takes people who are passionate, and who have a strong desire to learn and invest themselves in a project, to continue to grow as a company.

We have a lot of challenges to overcome, but we will overcome them together, while keeping the well-being of our employees at the heart of everything we do.

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