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Meet an Employer: Le Groupe Maurice

Every month, Jobboom profiles an employer that is a leader in their industry to shed some light on the business cultures, staffing needs and recruitment methods of top organizations. This month we look at Le Groupe Maurice.

Founded in 1998, Le Groupe Maurice owns and operates 26 retirement residences across the province of Quebec. The company’s mission is to provide people of retirement age with a friendly and enjoyable environment that allows them live comfortably with other residents. Currently, Le Groupe Maurice is home to more than 7000 residents, cared for by more than 1300 employees.

We sat down for a chat with Caroline Laurence, human resources counselor for Le Groupe Maurice.

JOBBOOM What are the primary types of employment available with Le Groupe Maurice?
C.L. In general, we have two employment categories within our organization: positions in our head office, located in Saint-Laurent, and positions in our retirement residences.

From our head office, we provide expertise and support to our employees in the field. Staff members at our head office work in areas including food preparation, sales and marketing, human resources and infrastructure maintenance, just to name a few.

Our residences are essentially independently managed, but they all operate in a similar fashion. The staff who work onsite at the residences handle the administration of recreational programs, the direction of in-house medical care, foodservice operations, maintenance and unit rentals, as well as accounting and direction of the facility. The onsite teams also include receptionists, cooks, housekeeping attendants, personal assistants, porters and auxiliary nurses.

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JOBBOOM What positions are the most difficult to fill?
C.L. Finding qualified department heads for our residences – for example, people who can lead medical care, foodservice or maintenance teams – is always difficult. Qualified candidates must have strong technical competency and experience in the required areas, but must also demonstrate the ability to manage. The combination of the required skills isn’t very common in these areas of specialization.

On the other hand, because we are a growing company, we are always looking to fill a variety of positions in our new residences.

JOBBOOM What are some of the essential qualities that you look for in your employees?
C.L. Our residences are above all else living spaces. It’s important that our employees be conscious and respectful of the environment and remember that, in many ways, they are like visitors in another person’s home. From the nurses to the cooks, each one of our employees will cross paths with our residents on a daily basis and need to be ready to interact with them in a friendly way. This is why we look for candidates that are respectful, patient and are happy to listen to a resident’s concerns; they need to have a well-developed sense of compassion and sociability, and must enjoy being in close quarters with seniors.

Having experience in the customer service sector is definitely recommended for candidates who are interested in working with us. For example, individuals who have worked in the hotel or restaurant industries are particularly well-suited for our needs.

JOBBOOM What is it about Le Groupe Maurice that attracts people to your company?
C.L. Working in a retirement residence isn’t the most glamourous of positions, but I believe that people want to work with us because they appreciate our values and image as a company. And these aren’t just empty words – you can really feel the commitment of our employees every day.
As well, many candidates who come in for an interview are accompanied by a parent or grand-parent approaching the end of their life. So the people who apply to work with us are sensitive to the realities of aging, and are motivated by a profound desire to help make a difference in the lives of our residents. ¸

JOBBOOM And what keeps your employees with you in the long term?
C.L. At Le Groupe Maurice, they find an outlet through which they can exercise their desire to help the aged. It isn’t always easy, because their positions are defined by strict rules and processes, but those who stay with us appreciate the teamwork, the interaction with the residents and the good humour with which we go about our day-to-day tasks. It gives them the feeling of being part of one big family.

Our employees are also won over by the personality of our company president, Luc Maurice. He’s a passionate person who is transparent about the work he does, and he’s a visionary in terms of the company’s growth and future. He brings a unique energy to the organization that many CEOs don’t have, and is a source of inspiration for all of our employees.

Besides these reasons, Le Groupe Maurice has also been named one of the 50 best-managed companies by Deloitte for two years in a row. The award recognizes organizations that have set themselves apart through exceptional management practices, overall performance results and sustainable growth. Knowing this, our employees know that working for us is an opportunity to be a part of a growing company while enjoying a top-notch working environment.

JOBBOOM As an employer, what are some of the benefits you offer your employees?
C.L. In addition to offering group benefits and competitive salaries, we support our employees in a variety of ways. We regularly offer coaching opportunities and specialized training in intervention techniques with seniors, particularly for our medical teams who are in direct contact with residents.

As well, job openings at our headquarters are always offered to internal employees before we look for external candidates, providing our experienced staff members with opportunities for advancement. We are proud to offer our employees, who understand our values better than anyone, the chance to grow within the company.

Under certain circumstances, we also offer financial support for our employees’ continuing education if the diploma or certification they are pursuing aligns with the needs of the company.

Data sheet

Company name: Le Groupe Maurice
Headquarters: Saint-Laurent
Founded: 1998
No. of employees: 1300

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