Meet an employer: Les entreprises électriques L.M.

Les entreprises électriques L.M.

Every month, Jobboom profiles an employer that is a leader in their industry to shed some light on the cultures, staffing needs and recruitment methods of top organizations. This month we look at Les entreprises électriques L.M.

Les entreprises électriques L.M. specializes in the sale and repair of rotating electrical equipment for the industrial sector. The company relies on a team of specialized technicians who work both in the factory and on the road.

We sat down for an interview with Alexandre Fortin, vice-president of entreprises électriques L.M.

JOBBM  What are the main types of employment available at Les entreprises électriques L.M.?
Alexandre Fortin: The majority of our employees are electromechanical specialists, but we also employ electrodynamic technicians, technicians specialized in electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as mechanical engineers. Some of our customer service employees are also trained in electromechanical studies to augment their sales skills. In total we have 120 employees who work at our factory in Montreal.

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 What are your primary needs in terms of recruitment?
A.F.: We often have difficulty recruiting people who possess specific technical specializations. For example, if we are seeking a general sales representative to go on the road, we have no trouble finding good salespeople. However if we are seeking a technical representative with an understanding of electricity, it’s much more difficult. This is why we rely primarily on word-of-mouth and our network of contacts for recruitment, as well as traditional employment platforms such as Jobboom.

 What are the main qualities that you look for in your employees?
A.F.: During an interview, the first thing we want to do is to confirm the technical competencies of the potential candidate. We want to be sure that the person has mastered the technical aspects of what they have detailed in their CV.

We also want to be sure that the candidate will be a good fit with the culture of our company. We are a family business; we operate like a small to medium-sized company. The management engages closely with employees, knows everyone well and is consistently present on the factory floor. We want to be sure that the people we hire align well with our values as a company.

Les entreprises électriques L.M.

 How do you identify these qualities during the recruitment process?
A.F.: We can identify them by simply paying attention during our discussion with a potential candidate. We don’t follow a precise formula for our interviews; we would rather engage in a dialogue with the candidate. If after 20 minutes the conversation has touched on sports, leisure activities, family and recent vacations, we know right away that a good relationship is being created.

 What kind of career path is possible with your company?
A.F.: We have employees who have been with us for 25 or 30 years. Anyone who has a desire to progress within the company will always be granted the opportunity to do so. I myself am a good example of this: I started as a technician 14 years ago, and followed a career path in the company to eventually become an associate vice-president. Nearly all of our team leaders and supervisors have also grown with the company.

 What are L.M.’s qualities as an employer?
A.F.: We put a lot of effort into improving the well-being of our employees. If you ask our workers what they appreciate about working with us, I have no doubt that they will mention the accessibility of management, the respectful atmosphere and a feeling that their concerns are listened to and understood.

We also distinguish ourselves in terms of working conditions. Several years ago we began offering an insurance plan that includes dental and vision care not offered by our competitors. We also offer the possibility of flexible schedules for our employees wherever possible.

 You mentioned that you are a family company. How does this aspect of L.M. manifest itself in the workplace?
A.F.: This is a very important aspect. When we are hiring, we take care to explain to the individual that we organize many activities outside of work. Our social club is very active, and we like it when our employees participate along with their families, whether at the sugar shack, the Christmas party or the golf tournament. We have a good rate of employee participation and would like to keep it that way!

 What advice would you give to someone who wants to work at L.M.?
A.F.: It’s important that candidates know how to sell their human side, with a focus on stability and family. When, during an interview, someone explains that they spent 10 years working for a company, and that they had planned to spend the rest of their working life there but that the factory had closed – this shows us that the person is seeking stability. This is the type of employee that we are looking for. If, in addition to this quality, a person asks questions about our activities and shows interest in participating, this is also a very good sign for us!

Data sheet

Company name: Les enterprises electriques L.M.
Sector of activity: Construction, trades, oil & gas
No. of employees: 120
Headquarters: Montreal
Founding year: 1947