What is the best way to send a spontaneous job application?

What’s the best way to submit a spontaneous job application?

There’s no need to wait until a position becomes available at your dream company to submit your CV; most recruiters are happy to accept spontaneous applications from qualified candidates at any time! That being said, to increase the chances that your spontaneous application will lead to a job, it’s best to submit your candidacy in the proper fashion. Below, three recruiters explain how to make sure that your resume doesn’t end up in the recycling bin.

Put the Essentials First

“We often try to fill available positions in the company by reviewing the CV’s that we have on file, without seeking external candidacies. Accordingly, whenever a candidate sends a spontaneous application, it’s important that they include a letter detailing the type of job they are seeking as well as their professional experience. All of the information must be easy to see, since recruiters receive a lot of applications and need to be able to immediately identify the essential qualities of a candidate.”

– Lucy Rodrigues, Head of talent acquisition and management at Metro

Be Clear About Your Goal

“Spontaneous applications need to be both clear and concise. Since the candidate isn’t applying for a specific job, it’s important that they specify the type of position being sought, why they are interested in the organization, and summarize their career objectives. This information makes it easy for a recruiter to evaluate the job possibilities available. Remember that an application that is too broad will often be discarded because it will be too difficult for a recruiter to determine exactly what the candidate is looking for.”

– Élise Boulerice-Guay, Human Resources manager at Fenplast

Keep Up To Date

“It’s all a question of timing! Cleary, there will be more opportunities available if a business is growing, in the process of acquisition, or recalibrating their business model. With this in mind, it is important to keep up to date about company news. It is also important for candidates to pursue opportunities that are in line with their professional experience, and to personalize their cover letter by clearly explaining the value that they would bring to the company.”

– Pierre Forand Yannitsarakos, Human Resources counselor at Chartwell Retirement Residences