Five tips for avoiding the axe

Haven’t got enough seniority to protect you from job cuts? You need to adopt a positive attitude and make yourself indispensable?quick!

1. Go above the call of duty
Do more than you’re asked and your contribution to the company will be that much greater. “Workers who demonstrate initiative and try to be useful are the most appreciated. Take, for example, an office clerk who decides to organize files without being asked,” explains Mr. Rouleau.

2. Be self-motivated
Employers prefer employees who are devoted and consistently work hard, which is why you need to congratulate yourself to stay motivated. “Closing a deal is very satisfying for salespeople. That satisfaction translates into motivation to work even harder—they don’t need someone to pat them on the back,” says Mr. Rouleau.

3. Enjoy your work
If you like what you do, you’ll be more productive, more approachable and more pleasant to work with. You’ll be all the more valuable in your boss’ eyes because they won’t have to motivate you.

4. Co-operate with your co-workers
When working in groups, it’s important to help others and be respectful of them. “We all prefer guests who say thanks for the meal and help with the dishes to those who say the soup is too salty. The same principle applies at work,” indicates Mr. Rouleau.

5. Put on a happy face
Employers like working with people who are cheerful and bring energy to the workplace, which is precisely why happy employees are more likely to survive company restructuring, according to Mr. Rouleau. Your job doesn’t fill you with joy? It’s not just about work. “If you’re happy with your life in general, you’ll be happy at work.”