Finding a great place to work

Regardless of what type of work we do or where we work, we are all interested in working at a great place. Randstad Canada, a staffing service, was recently chosen as one of Canada’s Great Places to Work. The Association of Canadian Search Employment and Staffing Services (ACSESS) spoke with Randstad president Terry Power to share his thoughts and advice on finding that “great place” to work.

Q: What makes Randstad a top place to work?

A: We do annual surveys and continually ask for candid feedback and, more importantly, we listen to the feedback. People are a critical component to the success of any workplace so we ensure our staff contributes to the solution aspect of our company’s challenges and initiatives through the Masters Program and ongoing communications.

Q: As a candidate, what important aspects should I be considering when looking for a great place to work?

A: A key item is the opportunity for upward mobility. At Randstad, approximately 85% of our promotions are internal. Knowing there is chance to progress your career can make work inviting and encourages personal growth. Training is a key element. We have a structured leadership program and a variety of training initiatives for employee development.

Q: As a candidate, what should I ask myself or my recruiter to better understand a company’s culture and philosophy?

A: Be honest with yourself as a potential employee. Be aware of your skills and capabilities. Ask yourself what you are going to do for the company. Ask your recruiter to guide you as to where they see a fit both in the right type of company and the right job. Remember, recruiters are focused on helping you navigate your way to finding that “great place” to work.

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