Don’t retire, rewire


The current economic climate has many of us feeling out of control, helpless and, in many cases, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

But instead of fretting about what’s next, now might be the best time to take stock and rebalance your life.

According to Jeri Sedlar, transition expert and co-author of Don’t Retire, REWIRE, 2nd Edition, new opportunities do exist during times like these. “It’s important for people to realize that we’re all in this together. Now is the perfect time to refocus and adopt a new mindset by changing old habits and patterns — both personally and professionally.”

Rewiring in the workplace is crucial to keeping a job, especially during economic uncertainty. Instead of worrying where they will be a year from now, workers should be motivated to lay the ground work that keeps them visible to everyone in the office, especially the boss.

Professional rewiring includes:

  • Communicate face-to-face when possible.
  • Sharpen skills for presentations and webinars.
  • Volunteer to head up a project or task force.
  • Step out of the comfort zone and be innovative.
  • Rally the troops — boost co-workers morale.
  • Stay positive.
  • Keep up with meetings.


On the personal side, discovering new hobbies or modifying current interests is also beneficial to surviving tough economic times. Instead of stressing about what can’t be done, enjoy what can be done by creating new opportunities for yourself and your family.

Personal rewiring includes:

  • Learn something new: take advantage of classes at local community centres.
  • Volunteer: focus on helping others.
  • Trade in the expensive health club memberships for exercise classes at the Y .
  • Get back to the basics: host movie nights, themed-dinners or game nights for family and friends.


Sedlar, who calls herself a “realistic optimist” says although it’s tough to see, there is a silver lining in the current upheaval. Learning how to handle the change and rewire for the future is a significant step toward surviving the chaos.