Does your employer have to provide you with time off to move?

Moving truck
Photo : Frontpage / Shutterstock

Every year in June, thousands of Quebecers arrange their boxes and furniture in preparation to move on the most popular moving day in the province, July 1. Do their employers have to provide them with a day off to complete their move? Here’s what the law says.

According to the laws of the Normes du travail, employers do not have to provide a day off – paid or otherwise – for an employee who will be absent because of a move.

This is why so many workers take advantage of the Canada Day statutory holiday, July 1st, to move. This is also the date when most yearly apartment leases in Quebec expire.

While most public and commercial workplaces are closed on July 1, certain establishments including restaurants, corner stores and pharmacies will remain open for business. If you are required to work on Canada Day, your employer has to provide you with one paid day off as compensation, which you may take within three weeks of (either before or after) July 1st.

Even though the law does not require them to do so, some employers accommodate their employees by giving them a day off to move anyway. This of course is at the discretion of the employer.

To find out if your employer provides time off for a move, contact the Human Resources department at your work or speak with your union representative.