Do you love your job?


Have you found the one you want to stay with, or are you just passing time until something better comes along? We’re talking about your job, of course! In honour of Valentine’s Day, here’s a fun quiz to help you identify whether you truly love your job.

For each statement, decide whether it is more True or False for you.

I feel happy when I think about my job.
I look forward to going to work each day.
I enjoy telling my friends and family about all the exciting things I’m doing at my job.
I miss my job when I’m away from it for an extended period.
The good things about my job far outweigh any things I want to change about it.
Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my work that I forget to take breaks.
I would want to do my job even if I weren’t being paid.
When I’m away from work I check my emails or phone in to see how things are going.
I feel fortunate to have my job.
I work overtime because I want to.
I feel energized when I’m at work.
The hours fly by quickly when I’m doing my job.
I don’t check job ads or otherwise look for new opportunities.
If I lost my job I would feel heartbroken even if I wasn’t worried about money.
I can imagine staying at my job for years to come.
Give yourself 1 point for each statement you answered True and 0 points for each one you answered False.

If you scored 0: Your job isn’t giving you what you need to be happy. You know you deserve better.

If you scored 1-5: There are things you like about your job, but it may be just a fling. Keep looking around for something else.

If you scored 6-10: There are a lot of things you like about your job. You can be happy with your job for many years – or you may be able to find another job you’ll be just as happy with.

If you scored 11-15: It’s true love. You and your job are meant to be together. Just don’t lose yourself in this relationship. Remember to take some time off now and then so that you’ll return to your job with even more to give it.

If you scored high on this fun quiz, congratulations! What you have is special, and it’s something that most people don’t have.

A recent survey conducted by Harris Interactive for found that more than four out of five workers polled (84 percent) are still searching for their dream jobs.

Interestingly, the survey of 6,000 workers found that salary was one of the least important factors in determining a dream job. Money ranked third (12 percent) compared to having fun at work (39 percent) which topped the list, followed by making a difference in society (17 percent).

“What defines a dream job is surprisingly reminiscent of childhood wishes for many workers,” said Richard Castellini, Vice President, Consumer Marketing at CareerBuilder. “Workers said they want to enjoy their work experience, apply their talents and feel like they’re making an impact.”

Across all professions, police and firefighters reported the highest incidence of feeling they have their dream jobs (35 percent). They are followed closely by teachers (32 percent), real estate professionals (28 percent) and engineers (25 percent). Those in travel and nursing also ranked near the top at 22 percent and 18 percent, respectively.

Professions with the fewest workers feeling they have their dream jobs include accommodations/food services (9 percent), manufacturing (9 percent) and retail (10 percent).

So what if your job isn’t something you love? While you’re looking around for something else, see if there are ways that you can incorporate things you do love into your current job.

In their book Love It, Don’t Leave It, authors Beverly Kaye and Sharon Jordan-Evans recommend that you try to find a way to make your job more fun by blending the hobbies you love with your work. For example, they suggest that if you are passionate about:

Cooking? Cook for your teammates.
Decorating? Help the interior decorator for the next office “face lift.”
Sports? Coach the company football, baseball, or volleyball team.
Writing? Start a company newsletter.
The stage? Offer to be master of ceremonies for the staff party.

“Get creative,” they say. “Unless your passion is really ‘out there’ (sky diving, mud wrestling), you can probably bring interest and fun to the workplace while you indulge in your favourite pastime.”

When you’re having fun at work, you just may find it a lot easier to love your job!