Connecting others is good for business

It’s amazing how small the world really can be, especially in the business community. Supporting the “six degrees of separation” theory, it seems we’re all separated by only a few handshakes. The person you meet today could know someone who knows someone who could become your biggest client.

That’s why it’s important to connect people through your small biz. Not for immediate business gains, but to just help out other entrepreneurs. If what goes around truly comes around, the introduction you facilitate today might just generate a fantastic new connection for your business tomorrow.

Here’s how to connect people you know:
– Think for people. Keep your eyes and ears open for opportunities you come across that may benefit someone in your contact list. Does someone you know need an accountant, some publicity, a new marketing assistant or an investor?

– Make third-party introductions. It’s a wonderful feeling to connect two people through an e-mail introduction. If you think the two recipients might have something in common, do a short note to connect the two. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and you’ll get known as a well-connected business person.

– Come up with ideas. If you know two business people fairly well, you likely have some idea how they might work together. Let your creative juices flow to make suggestions for synergy or cooperation and share them with those two contacts.