Careers for Moms and Other People Who Love to Give Advice


Today is Mothers Day, a time to reflect on the fabulous things that moms do.

One of the many things moms are famous for is giving advice. If you’re spending time with family this holiday weekend, you may have the chance to hear or give some motherly advice yourself.

If advice-giving is something you enjoy, this article describes six fabulous careers that will give you the chance to get paid to give advice.

In honor of the best advice-givers in the world, I have also included some quotes from moms throughout this article. (See how many of the quotes sound familiar to you!)

Business Consultant

“Why? Because I say so.”

As a business consultant you would get paid to give advice to business owners and executives. Business consultants would meet with clients in companies and other organizations to identify business problems, then gather information and recommend solutions.

Some business consultants focus on a particular industry such as health care, while others specialize in areas such as marketing, human resources, technology, or small business. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 28% of consultants do not have a degree, but you do need business-savvy and experience in the area you are consulting in.

Etiquette Consultant

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

If you would like to share your love of good manners with others, consider a career as an etiquette consultant. Etiquette consultants give advice in one or more areas such as business etiquette, childrens etiquette, dining etiquette, international protocol, social etiquette, or wedding etiquette.

As an etiquette consultant you could offer individual consultations or group training programs on topics such as telephone skills for customer service staff. You can get paid to say mind your manners and dont talk with your mouth full.

Professional Organizer

“I just want what’s best for you.”

Professional organizers help people, homes and offices get organized. As a professional organizer, you could give people advice to help them get organized, or do hands-on organizing yourself. You might be hired to organize an entire office or home, specific rooms such as basements or closets, or oversee projects such as packing and moving.

A few of the types of projects that professional organizers are needed for are: controlling clutter, developing filing systems, space planning, storage design, and time management. Your organizational skills and advice can help people find what they need and get things done on time without stress.

Image Consultant

“You’re going out dressed like that?”

Image is the way other people see us. As an image consultant, you can give people advice that will help them achieve what they want — whether it is to get a new job, to make a good impression, or simply to feel good about themselves.

You might get paid to give people feedback about their overall image (also known as makeover consulting) or you might advise them on how to improve specific aspects of their image such as wardrobe, makeup, or vocal and non-verbal communications.

Life Coach

“Eat your vegetables, so you’ll grow up big and strong.”

Life coaches help people to achieve success in their careers, relationships and life. As a life coach you will help people identify what is holding them back from having everything they want in business or life, and coach them to overcome those challenges.

People use life coaches for the same reason that they use sports coaches: they want someone to work with them, to encourage them, to push them. As a life coach, your job is to listen, to ask questions, and to give honest feedback. (It sounds a lot like the job done by many moms!)

Motivational Speaker

“What if everyone jumped off a cliff? Would you do it, too?”

As a motivational speaker you could inspire students to stay in school, say no to drugs, become leaders, and prepare for life after graduation. (In other words, you’d reinforce the great advice their moms have given!)

You can also give advice to adults and inspire them to follow their dreams and achieve their goals. You could help people to succeed in business, improve their relationships, develop a positive attitude, become healthy, achieve financial prosperity, and have more fun in life.

Mom would be proud.

Tag Goulet is co-founder of and Academic Director of the International Association of Professions Career College which offers professional certificates for dream careers at