About Jobboom


As the top online recruiter in Quebec, Jobboom has been providing insightful information about the Quebec job market to employers and candidates for over fifteen years.

Jobboom provides access to offers of employment, contract opportunities, training and professional advice for job seekers and employers alike.


Jobboom publishes job offers from 16 different employment sectors across Quebec and outside of the province. See for example the opportunities available in Engineering and science.


Jobboom is much more than a recruitment platform. Our reporting team has written more than 2000 original articles in French and English on topics of interest for job seekers and employers, all of which are available for free on Jobboom.


Jobboom also provides details about contracts that are available to professionals, freelancers and self-employed workers.


Dozens of educational institutions use Jobboom formations (site in French only) to publish important details about available courses and programs, providing many opportunities for skills training and professional advancement.

Jobboom is a Mediagrif company.