A platform for independent contractors looking for contracts


Jobboom Contracts was created to connect independent professionals, freelancers and consultants with contract opportunities.

One side of Jobboom Contracts allows independent professionals, freelancers and consultants to showcase their experience, rates and availability.

The other side allows organizations to browse and sort through the professional profiles that have been uploaded to the site. In fact, anyone who has a contract job available can use Jobboom Contracts.

Available in English and French, Jobboom Contracts went live on March 20, 2013 and already features the profiles of more than 5,000 independent professionals attracted by this innovative model.

Solvency checks

“Jobboom Contracts is unique in that it runs solvency checks on the companies offering contracts, which is very reassuring for independent professionals,” says Suzanne Montour, Director – B2B Products at Jobboom.

In bridging the gap between contractors and employers, we firmly believe that we’re providing an essential service.
— Suzanne Montour, Director – B2B Products at Jobboom.

“Much like an agency, Jobboom Contracts acts as a liaison between contractors and companies, handling invoicing, timesheet approvals and other issues. It takes the weight off everyone’s shoulders.”

“With secure and well-organized service, Jobboom Contracts aims to create and strengthen labour relations in an ever-evolving market,” concludes Suzanne Montour.

Hourly and fixed-rate contracts

Jobboom Contracts also sets itself apart by offering two payment approaches to meet changing market needs.

  • With hourly-rate contracts, contractors don’t have to visit the site daily to look for opportunities. Instead, companies check the database and contact the freelancer.
  • With fixed-rate contracts, companies post projects and it’s up to professionals to bid on the job.


“Thanks to these two approaches, Jobboom Contracts is flexible and can adapt to the market,” says Suzanne Montour. “At the same time, its business model is focussed on the needs of freelancers, allowing them to decide whether they prefer to be scouted or actively seek out opportunities.”

Secure: Professionals get paid—guaranteed!

  • Registration is free for contractors.
  • When a contract is awarded to a professional, Jobboom Contracts handles all the payments. Freelancers never have to worry about getting paid. A hold is placed on the contract amount, and payment is made as soon as the work is complete.
  • Companies are able to view contractor profiles, promoting easy and direct communication across the Canadian marketplace.
  • Freelancers can also become a Featured Member to boost their visibility to companies.


Easy access: A goldmine of experts

  • Registration is free for companies offering contracts.
  • Access to our freelancer database (experience, availability, portfolio, rates).
  • Post contracts.
  • All bids are displayed immediately on a secure site.
  • Once the contract has been awarded to a freelancer, the company can manage the contract online.


“By focussing on security and managing a significant part of the client-freelancer relationship, Jobboom Contracts helps improve working conditions for a growing segment of the workforce,” says Suzanne Montour. “We firmly believe that Jobboom Contracts is providing an essential service – and that’s exactly what Jobboom strives to do: connect workers and employers in today’s job market.”

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