5 in-demand jobs that don’t require a university degree

5 in-demand jobs that don’t require a university degree

Who says that you have to have a university degree in order to get a good job? Several of the most in-demand jobs on the market only require a college diploma or some professional training – some don’t ask for any specific qualifications at all!

Whether you are seeking to join the workforce as soon as possible or are considering a change in your current career, below are five jobs that don’t require a long period of study before applying. These aren’t McJobs, either: these positions offer challenging and stimulating environments, the possibility for advancement and competitive salaries.

1. Accounting technician

Average annual salary: $38,000*

To become a CPA (Chartered Professional Accountant) you will need a university degree, but most organizations don’t hire only CPA’s – they also hire accounting clerks and technicians. Employers generally require that candidates possess a DEP in Accounting or a DEC in Accounting and Management Technology to be engaged as an accounting technician.

These professionals play a key role in handling accounting-related tasks, such as bookkeeping and budget management, as well as human resource management, financial and material accounting. The employment possibilities for accounting technicians are equally robust in both the private and public sector.

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2. Sales representative

Average annual salary: $51,000*

Sales positions aren’t limited to the retail sector. Sales representatives can be found in all kinds of businesses that offer products or services to customers, whether to individuals or to other companies. Good sales representatives are essential assets for businesses because they act as the face and voice of the organization when interacting with clients. In markets where competition is tough and customer expectations are high, these employees play a crucial role.

Most sales representative positions don’t require any particular qualification; however, they do demand that a successful candidate possess a range of competencies including a passion for sales, the ability to communicate effectively and strong interpersonal skills.

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3. Administrative technician

Average annual salary: $45,000*

Administrative technicians (also called administration agents in some organizations) supervise and implement a variety of administrative processes. They can be found in nearly all types of businesses in the private and public sector.

Don’t think that these professionals are merely assistants! Many administrative technicians go on to become the “right-hand” of managers and end up helping execute an array of tasks related to fields as diverse as recruitment or event planning. A DEP in Secretarial Studies or a DEC in Office System Technology may be required for these positions, depending on the particular responsibilities of the job.

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4. Technical support technician

Average annual salary: $47,000*

Jobs in the Information Technology field are among the most in-demand positions on the market. Technical support technicians are an essential subset of the IT talent pool, since they specialize in helping businesses move their operations into the digital realm and successfully adapt to constant technological change. These professionals also provide front-line technical support to users who are having difficulty with IT hardware or software programs.

Technical support technicians are sought out by businesses that operate their own in-house IT department, but can also work with independent technical support providers. Most of the positions require a college education in IT, for example a DEC in Computer Science Technology.

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5. Electromechanical technician / Industrial mechanic

Average annual salary: $47,000*

Electromechanical technicians are among the most sought-after professionals in the industrial and manufacturing sectors. They handle the maintenance and repair of a multitude of electrical systems, electronics, mechanical systems and their composite parts. They typically work in repair workshops, at manufacturing companies and in factories.

Most employers will require that a candidate have a DEP in Automated Systems Electromechanics or a DEC in Industrial Electronics Technology. This job is eligible for the Programme d’apprentissage en milieu de travail offered by Emploi-Quebec, meaning that you can learn the essentials of the job while working as part of a co-op program.

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*Salary statistics reflect the most recent figures available from Statistics Canada (2011).

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