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Founded in 1999, SIRIUS Consulting was born out of the know-how of three visionaries based on their combined experience of more than 20 years in project management and information technology.
The professionals at SIRIUS Consulting understand that the value of a business is directly related to its ability to effectively pull together results, finances, resources, assignments and processes to maximize the return on investment and deliver project benefits in accordance with established corporate directions and business objectives.
It is with this in mind that SIRIUS Consulting developed a thorough and expert approach to provide its clients with targeted and customized solutions specifically designed to address these challenges.
Today, SIRIUS Consulting is known for the quality of its services and expertise in project management and business analysis in all economic areas and business sectors. The company has proven itself to be a dynamic player and established a solid reputation with its business clients operating in various industries.
SIRIUS Consulting’s mission is to maximize the value of businesses by providing professional consulting services and solutions :
- to help their project portfolios perform better;
- to establish organizational and software solutions and training plans as key aspects of their business strategy.

Industry sectors

Information Technology and Multimedia Services

Contact information

5095 Rue Jean Talon Est
Saint-Léonard, QC
CA H1S 3G4
(514) 982-9444
(514) 982-9451

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