Video resumé heard around the world

Google product manager hopeful Matt Epstein launched the video resumé heard around the world. With more than 100,000 views, Epstein’s creative attempt at capturing Google’s attention appears to have worked.

However, it takes more than just a clever video to capture attention. Epstein actually launched a “Google, Please hire M.E.” campaign that included a dedicated website, social media links, recommendations and a larger-than-life cardboard cutout of himself.

The funny thing is, Epstein’s campaign has been wildly successful in other ways. Garnering international media attention, he’s received over 60 requests for interviews, with Microsoft, Amazon, and Google among the companies clamouring to bring him in.

While not everyone can drop cash to be creative with their job applications (Epstein admits to spending over $1,200 so far on his campaign), a well-rounded application will help get you noticed.

If you’re still applying to jobs with only a text-based resumé, it’s time to branch out. Ask yourself what you can incorporate that will help you stand out.

Free hosting sites such as SlideShare and Vimeo allow you to upload dynamic content that can be easily shared with employers.

Social media profiles can also provide a glimpse into your personality, likes and interests.

While this information isn’t necessary for a job application, it helps the employer get a sense of what you’re all about before they call you in. It’s your chance to impress them at first glance and win that initial interview.

As for Matt Epstein, he’s been through a first-round interview at Google. Will he get hired? Follow his story at

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