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Supporting one’s troops when times are tough

Once the cut backs have been announced, the remaining employees are vulnerable. The managers must take care of them to avoid sinking.

After important layoffs, the managers must be more present than ever with their employees, according to Natalie Bertrand, HR Consultant with Gestion Mieux-être.

For example, they can propose an open discussion about the corporation’s situation with their staff; they can even entertain a discussion about each one’s feelings. It is also possible to open an email box so as to answer the employees’ questions and worries.

The companies that have an employee support program should not hesitate to recommend it to their staff. For example, psychological support services can be useful to help the workers go through the crisis. “One must act with respect, understanding and clarity, says Ms. Bertrand. For many, their trust has been broken. If one does not take care of the survivors, the discomfort could be intensified.”

Know how to rebound

During a time of crisis, the employees are willing to work harder, according to Florent Francoeur, CEO of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés. “These are opportunities to mobilize the workforce since they are ready to give it their all.”

The managers should benefit from these times of crisis to innovate, believes Dominique Gagnon, Talent Management Consultant with TendanceRH. “It is important to involve the people in finding solutions. When one must tighten his belt, one can often find new ways of doing things.”