Summertime selling


If your new small company serves business customers, you’ll need to perfect the art of summertime selling. Business to business sales typically slow down in July and August as corporate or commercial clients take their holidays.

However, to keep that cash flowing, most startups need to keep selling during summertime.

Follow these tips to maintain your sales momentum:

– Note vacation schedules. It’s frustrating to get those “out of office” reply e-mails when you’re trying to get in front of a customer or prospect. Ask your best customers and prospects when they plan to take their holidays and write it down, so you’ll know when you may reach them.

– Book meetings well in advance. Given the slower pace of summer, people aren’t so likely to agree to your next-day pitch meeting. Schedule important forward-moving calls and meetings two weeks to a month in advance and you’ll find customers will more readily commit. Avoid scheduling meetings on Mondays and Fridays in case your client takes an impromptu day off.

– Take it outside. Office workers often feel stuck inside, yearning to get out and enjoy that sunshine. For your next sales meeting or discussion, suggest lunch or a drink on a nearby patio. You and your client will feel more relaxed and the experience will likely help you to build a stronger relationship.