Online Networking: Goodbye Words, Hello Images!

No, this doesn’t mean it’s time to start posting photos on LinkedIn. But in fact, that might be a good idea considering that your CV doesn’t have any image of you!

In this article, however, we’re going to be discussing a different social media platform: Swishlinks. Characterized by the sharing of images and videos, Swishlinks is designed for creatives, communicators, artists and university graduates and is intended to complement the CVs of those who create for a living, or who have little work experience.

Who among us hasn’t searched for our own name or the name of someone we met in order to see what we can find out about them? Today, it’s very important to be visible on the web; knowing this, we want to make sure that people are able to find the most presentable version of ourselves when they look us up online.

Marketing Yourself

For example, if we search for the name of a face cream that a friend told us about, and we don’t find any results, we would consider that strange. Whereas if our search returned results that include studies supporting the efficacy of the cream, along with positive comments about it, we will be reassured, convinced and likely seduced by the product.

I often tell my clients that this is an important concept to keep in mind as they prepare to market themselves in job interviews. If they can provide concrete examples of their achievements and can speak clearly and concisely about their recent experiences, they shouldn’t have any trouble convincing a recruiter to “buy the product”.


When one reads the story of the founders of Swishlinks, it immediately becomes clear why they gave the company that name. As well, the underlying mission of Swishlinks also becomes obvious: it’s essentially a professional matchmaking site which people can use to exchange services. Giving to eventually receive – this is the essence of networking, and this is exactly what Swishlinks sells!

Swishlinks is an ideal platform for all types of creators, including those in film, fashion, writing, photography, graphic design, web, cuisine and other fields. It’s also a great complement to the CV of university grads who have little or no work experience.

In some ways, Swishlinks is similar to LinkedIn, in the sense that you create a profile with a resume describing your achievements and motivations. However instead of describing your experiences in words, you use videos and images. On the platform, you’ll see pictures of speakers giving talks; a pastry chef crafting cute cupcakes; a comedian onstage; and other compelling images.

Videos of artists engaged in their creative process are also very popular on Swishlinks. And it’s easy to see why: what’s more reassuring, compelling and convincing than to see a creator hard at work and to witness the moment they finish a beautiful project?

The Only Hiccup

The only drawback to Swishlinks is that, currently, you can only open an account if you have a smartphone. It’s an app-only platform, but a web version is on its way!

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