Major Overhaul of IT Employment Sector on Jobboom


Jobboom is now offering an all-new Information Technology and Multimedia employment sector, designed to benefit both employers and job seekers.

The main objective of this update is simple: to allow users to create more detailed employment profiles, while connecting employers with a more relevant pool of candidates.

The update involves several changes:

  • The name of the employment sector on the Jobboom site has changed to Digital Technology and Media.
  • This new title reflects the emerging vocabulary used by recruiters and job seekers in this fast-growing sector.
  • The update is the result of months of consultations with recruiters from this sector;
  • The number of main duty categories has increased from 4 to 12, and now includes occupations related to optimization marketing, referencing, communications, management and quality assurance in electronic environments.
  • 92 new main duties have also been added.


A fast-growing sector

“The overhaul of the Digital Technology and Media sector is incredibly important given how fast this field is growing in Quebec,” said Patricia Richard, Director of Publications and Audiences at Jobboom.

According to the most recent edition of Les carrières d’avenir, Jobboom’s leading French-language publication on the Quebec labour market, the Digital Technology and Media field is one of Quebec’s key employment sectors, with more than 3,800 positions opening up by 2015.

IT job seekers are now able to edit their employment profile accordingly.