Five positive points to perk you up after a job loss

Being fired can be a blow to the ego – and bank account. But life’s most meaningful lessons are often learned as you gaze up from the ground after falling flat.

If you’re feeling down and out, here are five positive points to perk you up after a job loss.

1. Learn from your mistakes

Make sure you understand the reasons you got fired so you don’t repeat them at your next job. “I think it’s really important to know why you lost the job,” says Melanie Hardy, YWCA Career Zone manager in Vancouver. “You have to be able to take ownership of your own part or you won’t be able to move forward.”

2. Take time to train

If you lost your job because your skills weren’t up to par, now is the perfect time to brush up. Victoria Pazukha, employment counsellor and facilitator at Vancouver’s Craft Centre, says people often underestimate themselves after being fired. “If you invest time into training, you’ll be more confident about your professional abilities. It’s an investment, and then you get a good return in your career.”

3. Accept the loss

If you assess the situation, you may even discover the workplace wasn’t right for you. “As they reflect on their experience, many people realize that there were things about the job, the company, the industry, that really weren’t a great fit,” says Tina Strehlke, Director of Communications for Training Innovations in Burnaby, B.C. “After the shock has worn off, many people end up clearer about what they want in their next job opportunity and work environment.”

4. Look to the future

If you look ahead, you may see new opportunities on the horizon. “Job loss is not a disaster. This is actually a time you can advance your career,” notes Ms. Pazukha. “When you lose a job, you need to consider another opportunity. When one door closes, another opens.”

5. Focus on your strengths

Before beginning your job search, take stock of the skills you can offer your next employer. In particular, Ms. Pazukha recommends focusing on communication. “Remember, you’re offering your skills to your employers. The smart person usually takes lessons from any type of mistake.”