10 things to remember when creating your job offer


Are you about to publish your latest job offer? Before you do, make sure that you’ve verified the following ten elements.

  • Does the title of your job offer use terms specific to your sector of activity, without using jargon?
  • Are important keywords associated with the job found in both the title and job description of your offer, to make sure that your posting can be found in search results?
  • Have you filled in the “posting type”, “employment sector”, “geographic area”, “main responsibilities” and “specializations” fields?
  • Have you made sure to select the correct sector of employment for your job offer, and not the sector that applies to your organization?
  • Have you optimized the presentation of your offer by using paragraphs and bullet points?
  • Have you provided information about the following elements: area of work, main responsibilities, required competencies, compensation, start date, and working conditions?
  • Have you checked that your bullet point lists have about five elements each, all of which are written clearly and concisely?
  • Have you specified which skills and competencies are essential for the position, and which are merely strengths?
  • Have you reviewed your posting to make sure it is free of grammatical, structural and punctuation errors?
  • If your offer requires that candidates navigate to your Web site to apply for the position, have you checked the links to make sure that they are working and lead directly to the job description?

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