10 steps to a great interview


These days, everyone could use a little advice about the best way to land a job.

Former recruiter turned hiring expert and CEO of www.TopJobLeands.com, Rick Probstein, points out 10 ways to a great conversation/interview that every job hunter should pay attention to.

1. Be very warm and friendly. Just imagine you’re meeting an old friend from high school. Remember … first impressions are really key.

2. Really listen to the other person. People love to talk about themselves. Get the hiring manager to do most of the talking — they will like you even more.

3. Use the hiring manager’s name a lot — it will make you seem like part of the team.

4. Respond to what they say. Is the interviewer married with three kids? Say: “How’d you meet your wife? How old are your kids?” It builds a bond.

5. Make the interviewer feel important by complimenting him or her. Everyone has an ego, especially men.

6. Laugh together. Laughter in the interview will help you land the job.

7. Don’t even think of arguing. Confrontation will not get you anywhere.

8. Ask questions that lead the interviewer to answer “Yes.” This strengthens your position.

9. Say “thank you.” Show them you appreciate their time. People want to feel valued.

10. When you’re done, ask yourself, “Was this just an interview, or did I start a relationship here?”

Remember to talk in your interview like you would talk to a friend. Be warm, engaging and appreciative. And don’t forget to smile.