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  Invest in yourself. Learning is for a lifetime
  Invest in yourself. Learning is for a lifetime
There’s no excuse for standing still. Education means many things... deepening your knowledge of a subject, learning something new or developing a technical skill. Along with no age limit, there’s no limit to accessibility: a local college or university, a school board offering vocational programs, online distance learning, a local cultural centre, even a TV documentary or volunteer work. Enrich your mind, enrich your life.
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Download Jobboom’s app today!
Download Jobboom’s app today!
Jobboom’s job-search app is the latest tool to help you find the job that’s waiting for you. No matter where you are, view the most current job postings and get alerts. You’ll be able to search jobs, manage favourite sites and save an application history. Simplify the search.
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  Work Outlook
  Young entrepreneur offers up gastronomic treasures
  Young entrepreneur offers up gastronomic treasures

A hunt for wild mushrooms. A treasure hunt. No difference. Both take knowing where and when to look and how to read nature’s signs. And you need patience and persistence to spare. Nope, a mushroom hunt is no walk in the woods. Join a visual tour “en français” of Quebec’s Lac-Saint-Jean area with a young company’s team of experts as they search tirelessly for divine-tasting and oh-so-precious morels.

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  Media Watch
  • In-house training part of the corporate curriculum
• Students, country short changed by insular ivory tower attitudes
• Victoria man takes STEP toward career in sheet metal
• Job seekers need answers before heading out on a new career path
• More Canadians turning to self-employment in shaky job market
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