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Gestionnaire de projets, traitement des eaux


Company description

With over one hundred business units in more than 50 countries throughout the world, employees of Veolia Water Technologies Canada are offered the opportunity to work in a genuinely international environment.

Working and communicating across borders is a reality with joint projects shared by several subsidiaries, exchanges of know-how and technologies, international working communities, etc. Veolia Water Technologies Canada global presence coupled with its dynamic mobility policy provide a gateway to international careers.


Thinking about the world of tomorrow implies thinking about the environment, natural resources, and quite naturally about water.

Every day in the four corners of the world, driven by a shared passion, Veolia Water Technologies Canada staff members contribute to improving water quality to meet the needs of the local population and their economic and industrial activities, with an ongoing concern for preserving the natural resource - so vital to the well-being of future generations.


At Veolia Water Technologies Canada diversity permeates all business activities:

diversity of markets and customers
diversity of technological solutions
diversity of businesses and activities
diversity of origins, languages and cultures
This is precisely why "Cohesion in Diversity" is a core value for Veolia Water Technologies Canada employees.

Veolia Water Technologies Canada wishes to turn diversity into an asset, and the company urges each and every staff member to take advantage of our diversity as a source of enrichment, whether diversity of approach, of experience or of solution.

A Company On A Human Scale

Veolia Water Technologies Canada is at the heart of a world leading group. The company is composed of some one hundred human-scale business units, organized as light-weight entities, a format that facilitates interaction, meetings and exchanges of information.

In this context, managers are more easily accessible and the in-house momentum encourages and fosters empowerment.

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