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  • Data Processing and Operations Specialist for Satellite Remote Sensing


  • As soon as possible
  • To be discussed
  • As part of a multi-disciplinary team (aerospace, atmospheric science, physics, embedded computing), your principal responsibility will be to execute sophisticated toolchains and analyze remote sensing measurements of greenhouse gas and air quality gas emissions. Your secondary responsibility will be to support operations of the remote sensing instrument in orbit.
    You must be capable of understanding the input variables, converting data files and formats, executing code and interpreting results. You will participate in the development of the toolchains. You will interface with customers and with external scientific teams.

    • Customer relations : understand customer needs, collect data, present and discuss results
    • Set-up, execution and interpretation of atmospheric retrieval and inverse dispersion toolchains related to greenhouse gas emissions and air quality gas emissions from industrial sources
    • Support development of retrieval and inverse dispersion toolchains with the science team
    • Support planning and management of satellite operations
    • Ability to listen to and have effective discussions with a multi-disciplinary team (customers, engineers, scientists, program managers, etc)
    • Interest in scientific analysis, in atmospheric sciences, in remote sensing systems, and in space
    • Ability to work autonomously, with minimum direction


  • Essential - Bachelor’s degree in engineering, mathematics or s
  • Essential - Linux programming and scripting
  • Essential - Software: Mathematica, MatLab/Octave, GNUR, SciPy
  • Essential - Able to obtain Canadian government clearance
  • Important - Atmospheric science, remote sensing, space

Knowledge and abilities

  • Important - Scientific programming: FORTRAN, C or C++
  • Important - Databases, GIS extensions
  • Asset - Mapping, photogrammetry, spectroscopy
  • Asset - Functional programming, Ocaml, OpenGL
  • Asset - Concepts in statistics and measurement

Company description

GHGSat’s mission is to become the global reference for remote sensing of greenhouse gas (GHG) and air quality gas (AQG) emissions from industrial sites, using satellite technology.

GHGSat’s novel technology will enable GHG and AQG measurement with better accuracy at a fraction of the cost of comparable alternatives. Owners of industrial facilities will be able to monitor all of their facilities, local or remote, anywhere in the world, with a common technology, in near-real-time. Significantly improved emissions information will enable industries to better measure, control, and ultimately reduce emissions of GHGs and AQGs.

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