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  • To be responsible for coordinating activities and resources in support of technical projects that impact multiple departments, systems, or work-flows with moderate to high risk and complexity or multiple projects simultaneously with lesser risk and complexity.

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    •Main purpose is to understand and analyse the telecommunication needs of a company and devise a project in accordance while providing solutions for them
    •Responsible to properly implement the project from the beginning to the end
    •The detailed schedule will include all project phases and dependencies including at least preliminary engineering, property review and acquisition, detailed design, material procurement, installation, test and turn-up, and site and system acceptance.
    •Develops and maintains a detailed project schedule which includes administrative tasks and all sites involved in the project
    •Facilitates the integration and alignment of plans and planning activities
    •Identifies interdependencies for all projects and facilitates communication among task groups
    •May require solutions to meet company targets
    •Identifies issues and provide advice on project progression
    •Collects data, composes reports for benchmarking and makes recommendations
    •Prepares, monitors, and maintains flow charts outlining developments, deliverables and timing
    •Act like a bridge between the customer and the project team mates so that both are aligned towards the same thought process, client/customer awareness
    •Work as a team player with other departments/partners and customers towards the goal of the company, build rapport
    •Responsible to guide the project members and make them understand the requirements of the project and the various accountabilities
    •Monitor the performance of the people involved in this project.
    •Participate in Team Meetings.
    •Coordinate, prepare and/or edit meeting minutes, presentations and tables.
    •Give training to users how to use the telecommunication system

    Skills and Specifications
    •Analytical Skills: Collecting, comparing and relating data from different sources; identifying issues; anticipating problems and troubleshooting problems
    •Consultative/Listening Skills: Giving effective professional advice to meet the identified needs of the client/customer.
    •Detail oriented: Checking for accuracy in one’s work; controlling/eliminating errors; showing concern for all areas of a task, however small and focus on quality.
    •Financial Management: manage efficiently and effectively the budget to accomplish the objectives
    •Flexibility/Adaptability: Readily adapting to changing requirements; maintaining effectiveness in varying circumstances. As each project is unique, the incumbent is expected to learn the “subroutines” and adapt them to any project.
    •Integrity: Can be trusted to perform duties in a proper and honest manner; can be relied on to keep information confidential; capacity to be discreet; performs in a fair, honest, and ethical manner.
    •Interpersonal Relations: build relationships with internal/external customers, team player and ability to motivate/guide the team towards the same goal
    •Leadership Skills: Using appropriate communication and interpersonal skills to guide others towards goal achievement/ a future vision.
    •Oral/written communication: Expressing oneself effectively and convincingly when speaking or writing to individuals and groups in a formal and/or informal setting.
    •Organizational Skills: End to End Phase/Project Management and be systematic in working
    •Problem Solving/Decision Making: Defining problems clearly and logically; effectively using an appropriate problem solving and decision making style. Think outside of the box.
    •Security: Thorough understanding of safety precautions and laws related to the project
    •SLA (Service Level Agreement) Management: Ensure that we are giving excellent Customer Satisfaction
    •Technical Knowledge/Proficiency: Possessing and putting to effective use the technical knowledge required to do a job.
    •Tolerance of Ambiguity: Being able to deal with issues that are not clear-cut which require interpretation.
    •Tolerance of Stress: Being able to handle job pressure; preventing abnormal pressure from building up.

    Project coordinator qualification
    •Experience of working in related industries is mandatory
    •Experience with interacting with stakeholders and coordinating projects.
    •Knowledge and awareness of the Operations Department is preferred.
    •Primary research skills (qualitative research skills, academic queries, literacy training, evaluating
    •information and using university library resources)
    •Intermediate level proficiency using MS Office Suite, Banner (or an equivalent information system)
    •and Project Management software
    •Knowledge and understanding of the principles, processes, and requirements for strategic planning.

Company description

Télécommunication/ Interconnecteurs / Câblages structurés / Ventes et service de systèmes téléphoniques

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